Congrats! You brought your idea to life.

This is just the beginning. You know your stuff and you've built a great product, and now it's time to reach your market. We'll help you build a marketing strategy that will engage, entertain and educate your potential customers, bringing more qualified leads to your business.

How We Help Startups

I Bet You're Curious

We evaluate every business we work with before making recommendations that will promote growth. Our number one goal is to make sure that your company receives more conversions, which means more revenue. Here are the questions we'll help you answer.

  • Are your current customers happy?
    A misconception many businesses have is that they’ll grow if they only advertise a little more and are seen by more potential customers. This is partly true, but there’s no point in looking for new customers if the ones you already have aren’t happy. Word of mouth advertising is one of the most powerful forms of exposure you will find, and you get that exposure by making sure your current customers are crazy about you.
  • Are you targeting the right people or businesses?
    Sometimes the customer you think you want may not be the customer you need. You may have had a customer persona in mind when you started your business, but have you started to notice another demographic that seems to like your products and services? Let’s find out who your super customers are and why they like you so much, so we can go out and find more of them.
  • Is your branding consistent with the target market you’re looking to attract?
    Now that we have your internal processes under control and have a good idea of who your ideal target market is, it’s good to re-evaluate the creative elements of your business. We’ll take a look at the image you’re presenting to the public and make recommendations, as well as connect you with some of the creative industry’s best.
  • Is your content engaging your target market?
    The way you present your value proposition to potential customers will make a big difference and appearing knowledgeable in your field will go a long way. It also influences your positioning on the web, a portal you can’t afford to neglect.
  • How are you reaching out to your potential customers?
    Based on what we know about your customers by this point, we can draw some conclusions about where they spend their time and are most likely to see your messages. Our work from here could venture into user experience design, web development, digital marketing, traditional marketing, PR, thought leadership and more. No two marketing strategies we create look identical.

We work with B2B focussed startups and small businesses in Canada, the US and Europe.


What we do will generally fit into these categories

Content marketing is a must for any business in the B2B space. Why? Because today’s decision makers prefer to research products online before speaking with a representative. If you don’t provide them with sufficient content they’ll likely move on to your competitors. We’ll help you build a unique strategy based on thorough research of your market and competitors.

Search engines love to see a consistent flow of relevant content on websites. They want the latest and greatest, because that’s what searchers want. We’ll help you create the content you need to build up and maintain a flow of leads. We’ll also help you create content to keep your customers engaged and making referrals.

Do you feel like your website is falling short? Most of your marketing efforts are going to lead back to your website, so if it’s not educating and converting leads, the rest is kind of pointless. We can review your website and make suggestions for changes to copy, design and structure in order to improve search rankings and user experience.

When people think about content marketing most jump to blogging, but there’s a lot more to content marketing. Blogging definitely has it’s place, but your strategy could include landing pages, white papers, email marketing, social channels, video, PPC/retargeting and more. We’ll identify the best channels for your content strategy.

Content marketing extends past your own website. Thought leadership is a powerful way to reach new audiences by contributing your expertise to a third party publication. We’ll help you select topics to focus on and publications to approach.



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